Scanning CS comic books' pages

Right now, this wiki requires pictures that could only be fond in the CS comics. Anyone whom has scanner at home, do help to scan these following:

Characters' images

  • Mia's mom (Suitable Pictures of her can be found in book 12 and 20)
  • Joni's mom (book 7 and 10 and 11)
  • Joni's dad (book 7 and 10 and 11)
  • Norman's dad, mom, Nancy, Noel, the triplets and Nina. Also the pet Bunbun (Book 25)
  • Mrs. Lawson (Book 4 or 12 etc.)
  • Nora (Book 20, take her full body appearance)
  • Sera (take her full body appearance)
  • Charles' mom, Rose (Book 20)
  • Sofia's mom
  • Richard's mom (Book 15 or 23)
  • Mr. Chan (Book 9)
  • Antone's brother, Aimone in book 19
  • Peter and Susie's Dad
  • Garry (take his full body appearance, him in the book 26 book cover is too small)
  • Andrew (we need a better pic of him, try book 26)
  • Norman's grandparents
  • That eyebags dude from book 27
  • Eyebags dude's sister also in book 27
  • Scared Hearts school Headmaster, book 21 page 16 is a good image

Overall, if any of the characters above appears in the character introduction page that CS fans could see in every first few pages of every CS books, do scan the characters in the intro page instead.

Additional characters' images

  • Mia's full body appearance
  • Joni's full body appearance
  • Emilia's full body appearance
  • All the supporting characters that you could think of like Charles, Corey and Sofia, we need each of their full body appearances for the section "Physical Appearance" in the characters' pages

Pairing images

If you have a particular OTP, show that you truly like your ship by scanning these following pages, they shall be added in the Synopsis section:


  • For people that have book 12, page 150 last panel, it is a Charmia moment which could be added into the Charmia page's section "Synopsis"
  • Also in book 12, page 21 last panel, scan the Richard and Mia moment
  • Book 12, page 48, final panel, scan it.
  • Book 12, page 125, first and second panel that shows upset Charles and Mia.
  • Book 12, page 109, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd panel


  • Book 12, page 71, a panel where a furious Emilia grabs Corey by his collar
  • Book 12, page 85, 1st and 2nd panel where Emilia gaves Corey Mia's birthday invitation
  • Book 12, page 147, WHOLE PAGE. There are both Corilia and Althony moments
  • Book 8, page 93, whole page
  • Book 8, page 57 first panel
  • Book 21, page 129 whole page. Not a Corilia moment, but do pls scan that too.
  • Book 21, page 141 whole page, also not Corilia moment, but scan it too.
  • Either page 149, last panel or page 150 from book 21.
  • Book 21, either page 43 or 44 or best if both.


  • Book 8, page 141 last panel
  • Book 8, page 150 whole page
  • Book 8, page 145 whole page

Steve and Joni =

  • Had not bought book 7 or 17, so I dunno. But if any users have those books, do scan a pic with both Steve and Joni together, they shall be used as the main image for the ship page.
  • Any Steve and Joni moments in book 7 or 17.



  • Book 23, page 24 final panel
  • Book 23, either pages 42 or 43 last panels.
  • Book 23, page 75, first 4 panels.
  • Book 23, page 93, first panel where Richard gets stunned.
  • Book 23, page 96 final panel where Sofia finds a piece of notes full of hateful comments
  • Book 23, page 122 first few panels with both the Qistina and Zara dummies and Sofia getting scared.
  • Book 23, page 152 whole page
  • For users that have book 15 and/or 16, do also help to scan any panels in the pages that has Rifia moments


My fingers are getting tired from typing, so I'll phrase these quickly.

  • Any Althony images you guys can find in any book that has Althony moments. If you guys found a panel where Alex and Althony are together in, do scan that certain panel, the best shall be used as the main image for Althony's ship page.


  • In book 21, 23, so on and so forth.

Carnis (Carmen and Dennis)

Short of image that has these two characters in it. So do note:

  • Book 6, page 148 first panel.
  • Book 21, that page where Dennis tries to offer help to Carmen to carry boxes.
  • Book 22, that page where Carmen and Dennis are surprised to see the two of them are partnered up.
  • Any other page in other books that has these two together.


  • Book 25, where Norman pats Emilia on her head, he is wearing houseclothes during then, do find that page and scan it.
  • Book 21, page 144, final two panels
  • Book 21, page 62, second panel.
  • And some others that you can find and scan.

Final Notes

  • Need not scan all of those stated above, they are just those which I find good. People whom are willing to scan CS comic pages, you are certainly the few of the users that I respect. And if you think that why I would write this blog post, it is bc my scanner at home spoilt, so I can't scasn anything.
  • Any other good and precious panels in CS comic pages that you guys find good, do scan them too.
  • If not even one person volunteer,

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