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    It was 20XX as the three (with one "mysterious" member ) Candy JEM grew up. Of course, why must they grew down? That's just plain wierd.

    Anyways, tht's not the point of the story. The three four members are now in secondary school, Form 2. Mia and Joni are in the same school while Emilia separates from both of them (one of them, of course, can't be separated from Mia). However, it's not the end of their friendship yet...

    School's almost starting. All of them planned (except one of them) to go out of the country. excitedly, Joni said, "How about Manchester United? They're the best in football!!" Joni is the joyful yet tomboyish member of Candy JEM. She's a sports ghost.

    "You don't have any class at all, Joni! Let's go to Paris. The more the cl…

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    200 pages is our goal!

    December 19, 2016 by Pastel CY

    Heya guys! I'm just here discussing about pages. Why don't we add more locations? Such as:

    • Mia's/Ouyang Family House
    • School's Basketball Court
    • Alex's Apartment
    • Kunnci (Shopping Mall)
    • Versailles Haven (in Book 15)

    Some of the locations sounded pretty bad, however for the sake of our goal...

    • ugh I started to feel bad*

    Thanks for your attention!


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    My Favorites

    June 9, 2016 by Pastel CY

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