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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    A sneak peek of the upcoming CS book! This book is maybe something to do with occupations? Julian, Irwin and Sean looks so cool and hot in here πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Here is it! Rifia, Jonkael and Althony in Spanish, western cowboy and cowgirl and Japanese costumes! If you want me to say which clothing is the easiest and the hardest to draw, I'll say that Japanese clothing is the easiest because I first thought it will be the hardest to draw but as I started drawing, it was easier than expected πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    As for the hardest clothing, idk which is the hardest but if you want me to say, I would say Spanish clothing. For Richard's bullfighter costume, I kept copying references from online coz the bullfighter costume is very elaborate and difficult πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

    Rifia Spanish text translation

    Jonkael text

    Althony Japanese text translation


    This is my latest drawings before reopening of uni tomorrow, so have a nice day~ '


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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    I drew these arts of Charmia and Corilia in Chinese and Korean clothing respectively at a time. For me, the chibi Corilia in Korean clothing looks the cutest and I love Corey's pose~ There is originally a top hat in the Korean dress for males, but I did not draw that for Corey because I suck at drawing characters with hats... (RIP drawing 😭😭😭)

    For Charmia, I personally think that Charles looks fine but for Mia, I think that her sidelock braids and the drawing of her hands out of place, so it looks weird... Btw, the dialogue that Charles say translates into, "I'm Cerberusβ€’Fβ€’Lucifer The Fourth!!!".

    I'll be soon drawing Rifia in Spanish clothing, so stay tuned, and I hope everyone on this wiki have a wonderful new year~

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    • Charmia: Chinese clothing (cheongsam for and Changshan for Charles)
    • Corilia: Korean clothing (Hanbok for and )
    • Jonkael: Cowboy and Cowgirl (I bet you all know this)
    • Rifia: Spanish clothing (Matador costume for and flamenco dress for )
    • Althony: Japanese clothing (kimono for both and )

    Bonus: you can choose another extra character dressed in traditional clothing.

    If you guys have any other costumes ideas, feel free to drop a suggestion at the comment section below this page~

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Richard was pretty sure that his phone was smashed since he dropped it. He quickly spun around, trying to be at his bravest, to fight off whoever or whatever it was behind him. He came face to face with a large man with pierced eyebrows and nose ring. The man smiled at Richard first while using his bony finger to trace down Richard's cheek. Richard pushed the man's finger off, stepped back and demanded the whereabouts of Sofia. The man laughed in the creepiest way Richard could ever imagine, sending chills down his spine. Smirking at him, the man told Richard he was still as stupid as before. Richard was completely bluffed. Right then, he heard the voice of a girl screaming "HELP ME!!!!!". He'd recognise that voice anywhere. It was Sofia!…

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