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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Welcome to this short fanfic about the 60 things you do not know of this fanfic!

    1. These 60 facts are completely fan-made and not considered canon in CS.

    2. Read at your own risk, as this fanfic might contain some spoilers for those who haven't read this fanfic.

    3. Lastly, sit back and enjoy it!

    1. When Anthony first met Alex, he thought that she is a girl but he is not sure about it until he cuts her hair.

    2. Anthony will always prepare food for Alex.

    3. Alex will always hug Anthony from his back when he is stressed, frustrated or in a bad mood and he seems to enjoy it.

    4. Alex's favorite flowers are sunflowers.

    5. Andrew will secretly take pictures of Anthony sleeping in a very funny way.

    6. Anthony has a photo of Alex and Hannah in his wallet. …

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Recently I've been obsessed with ancient Egypt and I am planning to draw some Althony and Andrew arts about this glamorous empire ever existed! My choice of their roles is like this: I am going to draw them as pharaoh, prince and queen/princess. Who do you think suit the roles?

    A little historical lecture here: Pharaoh is the ancient Egyptian term for the king. The pharaohs of Egypt spent most of their lives preparing for their death, as ancient Egyptians consider death as a temporary interruption to life, so they will mummify the body of the dead. Normally only nobles and the upper class people were affordable to the expensive cost of mummification. The pharaohs of Egypt were allowed to have more than one wives, but only the chief wife was…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Alex wearing a revealing cheongsam while you know who's nosebleeding...

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    91. When does your "first time" take place?

    Alex/Anthony: Last month.

    92. Are you married at that moment?

    Anthony: Of course! What kind of person do you think I am?!

    SakuraBlossom (thinks to herself): A beast in bed...

    93. Which part of your body would you like to be kissed?

    Alex: Any part as long as the kisses are from Anthony...

    Anthony: (^////^)

    94. Which part do you like to kiss?

    Alex: His forehead.

    Anthony: Her lips and cheek.

    Andrew: Kiss me big brother~

    Anthony: 😡😡😡 (then hits Andrew on his head again)

    Andrew: Ouch...🤕🤕

    95. What are the things that make you feel the happiest when doing "that"?

    Anthony: Her sweet words and expressions...

    Alex: His domination???

    96. What are you thinking about when doing "that"?

    Anthony: About Alex...

    Alex: I can't thin…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    81. How do you think about rape?

    Alex/Anthony: Against the law.

    82. What is the most suffering part when doing "that"?

    Anthony: Incooperation...

    Alex: That feeling... is just so suffering...

    83. Where is the most exciting place you've tried to do "that"?

    Anthony: The living room.

    Alex: He doesn't want to pull the curtains!

    Anthony: I don't have time to do that~

    Alex: ...

    84. Does the passive one (Alex) requires to be the dominating one before?

    Alex: Nope, Anthony is too dominating...

    85. What is the reaction of the dominating one (Anthony)?

    Anthony: Continue to dominate.

    Alex: (////)

    86. Does the dominating one ever raped her?

    Anthony: That is immoral.

    Alex: But sometimes you will directly...

    Anthony: ...

    87. What is the passive one's reaction?

    Alex: Obey him…

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