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  • I live in Selangor, Malaysia
  • I was born on June 4
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Female
  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Richard was pretty sure that his phone was smashed since he dropped it. He quickly spun around, trying to be at his bravest, to fight off whoever or whatever it was behind him. He came face to face with a large man with pierced eyebrows and nose ring. The man smiled at Richard first while using his bony finger to trace down Richard's cheek. Richard pushed the man's finger off, stepped back and demanded the whereabouts of Sofia. The man laughed in the creepiest way Richard could ever imagine, sending chills down his spine. Smirking at him, the man told Richard he was still as stupid as before. Richard was completely bluffed. Right then, he heard the voice of a girl screaming "HELP ME!!!!!". He'd recognise that voice anywhere. It was Sofia!…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432
    • This is the first time I've ever written a fan fiction packed with action and dark themes, so please give some support~
    • This fanfic is action-themed and written in a third person perspective.
    • Let's get started!

    Richard was about to sleep. Suddenly, the telephone rang and broke the silence of the night. He tried to ignore it but the ringing was piercingly loud. He tossed off the bedsheets and jumped off his bed, annoyed at it for ruining his peaceful slumber. As he reached towards his phone which was charging at that time, he walked carefully not to trip on anything as him and Sofia moved into the house recently so it's easier to get to university every morning. He made his way to his phone quietly, and he did not switch on any lights either a…

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Yeah!!! Chapter 7 is here!!! But I would like some aspects of this drawing to rest in peace:

    1. Alex's hand

    2. The pillow

    3. Anatomy

    RIP these three 😭😭😭😭

    This is my first smut drawing, and possibly the last, since I have problems on the anatomy of this drawing...

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Hi! This is my Charmia fanart! Yeah I know Mia's braids look weird, I am not very good at drawing braids...

    Because of final exams of uni, it's been a long time ever since I have drawn, so it looks cringy...😓😓😓... But yeah!!! My Charmia fanart is finally here!

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  • Sakurablossomsinspring432

    Panel 1

    Anthony: Andrew, do you think this is a good idea?

    Panel 2

    Andrew: Just relax big brother, it will be okay~

    Panel 3

    Anthony: But this is so...

    Panel 4

    Andrew: So what?

    Panel 5

    Anthony: Why da F*CK am I in a dress?!

    Andrew: Shall we dance, my princess?

    Charles & Joni: Hahaha!!!

    Mia & Emilia: Pfft...

    Richard: So cute~ I should capture it~

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