Hello everybody! I am your host for today, SakuraBlossom! Now, today's topic will be: The 100 Questions Challenge!!! Let's give a round of applause for our guests for today! They are: Anthony aka Hygiene Monitor and Alex, the kindest and cutest girl in Candy Series!!!

SakuraBlossom: Hello!

Anthony: ... ...

Alex: Hello Sakura-san! How are you today?

SakuraBlossom: I'm fine! Alex, you are always so kind and considerate. Please take a seat. What do you like to have? Don't worry, it's someone's treat for you two!

Anthony/Alex: Whose treat?

Andrew (suddenly comes out of nowhere as a special guest): My treat!

Alex: Thanks Andrew!

Anthony: Excuse me Andrew?! I haven't promised you!

Andrew: But big brother...

Anthony: If you don't want to listen, I will...

Andrew: What will you do?

Anthony (shows his fists): Do you want this?

Andrew (panicking): No thanks! Today's my treat for you both and Sakura-san!

To be continued...

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