SakuraBlossom: Alright! The 100 Questions Challenge: Althony version starts right now!!! Let's start!

1. What is your name?

Anthony (says in a very cool manner): Anthony.

Alex: Alexandra! But everyone calls me Alex for short.

2. How old are you?

Anthony: 21.

Alex: 20.

3. What is your gender?


SakuraBlossom: Please calm down you two!

4. What is your personality?

Anthony: I dunno...

Alex: Kind and caring...

Andrew: No fair!!!

Anthony: (glares at Andrew while cracking his knuckles)

Andrew: See you later!!! (then runs away)

5. Each other's personalities?

Alex: He is strict and serious on the outside but kind and gentle deep inside him.

Anthony: The same as she mentioned just now... She is kind and caring... (blushes madly)

SakuraBlossom: Why I see pink hearts around me?

6. When and how you met?

Alex: When I was in Year 5...

Anthony: When I was in Year 6, I was walking home and I noticed her collecting recyclable items and I helped her. At first I thought she was a boy but after cutting her hair, she was such a cute girl!

SakuraBlossom: OMG Anthony... Your face...

7. What is your first impression towards each other?

Alex: (0/////0)

Anthony: A dirty and filthy boy at first, then a cute and pretty girl later...

8. What parts of each other do you like?

Alex: I like anything about him...

Anthony: All! All will be my favourite if it's about Alex!!! (blushes madly again)

SakuraBlossom: Ohohohoho... Anthony's crazy in love now!!

9. What parts of each other do you hate?

Alex: No, he is perfect!

Anthony: She's perfect too!!!

SakuraBlossom: Awwwww...

10. Do you think you go along well with each other?

Alex: Yes.

Anthony: Yup! She's as perfect as a fairy!

SakuraBlossom: Woohooo!!! Althony rulez!!! (fan girl screams)

To be continued...

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