91. When does your "first time" take place?

Alex/Anthony: Last month.

92. Are you married at that moment?

Anthony: Of course! What kind of person do you think I am?!

SakuraBlossom (thinks to herself): A beast in bed...

93. Which part of your body would you like to be kissed?

Alex: Any part as long as the kisses are from Anthony...

Anthony: (^////^)

94. Which part do you like to kiss?

Alex: His forehead.

Anthony: Her lips and cheek.

Andrew: Kiss me big brother~

Anthony: 😡😡😡 (then hits Andrew on his head again)

Andrew: Ouch...🤕🤕

95. What are the things that make you feel the happiest when doing "that"?

Anthony: Her sweet words and expressions...

Alex: His domination???

96. What are you thinking about when doing "that"?

Anthony: About Alex...

Alex: I can't think of anything... My brain looks like it's stopped functioning that time...

97. How many times will you do "that"?

Alex: Depends.

Anthony: 5 to 6 times in a week... But I love it!!!

98. When doing "that", are you the one who takes off your clothes? Or the opposite?

Anthony: I take off my clothes myself.

Alex: I rarely have a chance to take off myself... He always helps me to take it off...

Anthony: Because you're too slow~

Alex: (////)

99. What does doing "that" mean to you?

Alex/Anthony: A symbol of love between husband and wife?

100. Please say something to each other.

Alex: I dunno why I want to kiss you Anthony~ (plants a kiss on his cheek)

Anthony: (0/////0) (then faints again)

Andrew: I love you too, big brother~

Anthony: Please stop it baka Andrew!!! It's so disgusting!!!

Okay!!! The 100 Questions Challenge ends now!! Let's say goodbye to all the CS fans out there!

Alex/Anthony: See you all!

Andrew (with his head bandaged): See you all in the next fanfic!

The End.

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