11. How do you call each other?

Anthony: Alex-chan~

Alex: Anthony.

12. How do you wish to be called by?

Alex: Anything will do if it's Anthony...

Anthony: If it's about Alex, then everything will be alright...

Andrew: No fair big brother!!

Anthony: (glares again)

Andrew: Please excuse me... Gotta go back to work!!!

13. What animal best describes each other?

Alex: An Arctic wolf, cold on the outside but warm in the inside.

Anthony: A rabbit who is cute and sweet at all times~

SakuraBlossom: I love Arctic wolves, they look so gorgeous. I love rabbits too! I want to feed them carrots~

14. What gift will you give on each other's birthday?

Alex: Anthony... you...

Anthony: Alex...

15. If you receive each other's gift, what will you wish to receive?

Alex: (looks at Anthony while blushing)

Anthony: A... Alex-chan...

SakuraBlossom: 😅😅😅

16. What parts of each other are you unsatisfied of? And how unsatisfying?

Alex: Forcing himself to work while he is sick...

Anthony: How you know... No! I did not do that! Really!

Alex: Don't force yourself...

17. What bad habits do you have?

Anthony: You are also forcing yourself too!

Alex: No, I don't...

Anthony: Yes! You have!

Alex: ...

SakuraBlossom: (smiles)

18. What daily habits do you have?

Alex: He always cuddles me when we are alone in a room...

Anthony: She likes to stick with me, but I like her dependence on me...

SakuraBlossom: Oh! I found something new!!

19. What things will make you both angry?

Alex/Anthony: Lying to each other.

SakuraBlossom: Acceptable...

20. What have you done before that makes each other angry?

Alex/Anthony: Same as question 19.

To be continued...

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