21. What is your relationship now?

Alex: ...

Anthony: (0/////0)

SakuraBlossom: Awww... Aren't you two just married?

22. Where does your first date take place?

Alex: In a shopping mall near my house.

Anthony: I'm not really into shopping but I feel comfortable everytime I am beside her.

Alex: He pretended to have a stomachache but he actually ran off to buy me flowers!

Anthony: Just to make you happy... (^/////^)

SakuraBlossom: OMG~ (wears her sunglasses)

23. How was the atmosphere during your first date?

Alex: I am okay but he was very nervous...

Anthony: (0///////0)

24. How far have you been to during your first date?

Alex: Kissing...

Anthony: I am so nervous that my breathing and heart rate kept increasing...(/////)

SakuraBlossom: ^__^

25. Where do you usually go for a date?

Alex: I'm not sure... Is it the Central Park?

SakuraBlossom: You're so cute Alex~

Andrew: Sweet romance big brother~

Anthony: 😡😡

Andrew: Gotta go back to work!

26. How will you show your feelings during each other's birthdays?

Anthony: I want her to celebrate with me, I only want Alex-chan~~

Alex: Anthony...

27. Who is the first one to confess?

Anthony: Me...

Alex: (0/////0)

28. How deep do you love each other?

Anthony: Deeper than the deepest sea in the world!

Alex: (blushes again)

29. Do you love each other?

Anthony: I love Alex than any other thing on this world!😘

Alex: I love him too~

SakuraBlossom: Woohooo! Althony rulez!!! (fan girl screams again)

30. What words is your weakness towards each other?

Alex: Kiss me Alex... (0/////0)

Anthony: I love you Anthony...

To be continued...

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