31. You are suspecting him/her had eyes on another girl/guy! What to do?

Alex/Anthony: ... ...

32. Will you forgive him/her?

Alex/Anthony: (Looks at each other)

Anthony: I will only have my eyes on Alex forever! Really!

Alex: (nods her head)

33. He/She is late when you are going out for a date! How will you do?

Alex: Wait for him patiently.

SakuraBlossom: 😀😀😀

Anthony: (^///////^)

34. Which part of his/her body you like the most?

Anthony: Her eyes.

Alex: His hair.

35. When moments do you think that he/she looks the sexiest?

Alex: When he is sighing, smiling and having a pained expression when he is sick...

Anthony: When she comes out of the shower... (/////)

36. When you are together, when will you get nervous?

Alex: (looks at him)

Anthony: (//////) (heart rate increasing crazily)

SakuraBlossom: (puts on her sunglasses again)

37. Will you lie to each other? Are you good at lying?

Alex: ... ...

Anthony: Not really... Andrew always says my lies are weird.

38. What things will you feel the most romantic?

Anthony: If we are always together, I love Alex the most!

Alex: (blushes)

39. Have you argued before?

Anthony: Yes.

40. What will you argue for?

Anthony: I'm not really sure... It is like she won't take a break after a day of work...

SakuraBlossom: Awwww... Alex, you must at least take a break after work, don't let Anthony get worried about you.

Alex: I will.

To be continued...

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