51. Who is the dominant one and who is the passive one?

Anthony: The dominant one.

Alex: (nods while blushing)

52. How will you decide?

Anthony: Naturally.

Alex: Anthony is so dominating that I cannot win him...

SakuraBlossom: Hehehehehe (Lenny face)

53. Are you satisfied with him/her?

Alex: Yes...

Anthony: I want to tie up Alex...

SakuraBlossom: ???

54. Where does your first time take place?

Anthony: Our new house.

Alex: And that's our wedding night...

SakuraBlossom: Oh I see...

55. How do you feel that time?

Alex: (/////)

Anthony: Very satisfying and very happy...(^//////^)

56. How is his/her facial expression that time?

Anthony: Very cute and innocent (starts to reminisce)

Alex: Very... Wild? But he is so considerate...(////)

Andrew: Hehehehehe...

Anthony: 👿👿👿

Andrew: I'll be back!!

57. What was the first word you spoke after your first night together?

Anthony: Good morning Alex...

Alex: Anthony...

58. How many times will you "make out" in a week?

Anthony: Around 5 to 6 times, isn't it too frequently?

SakuraBlossom: 😏😏

59. How many times do you think is the best to "make out"?

Alex: Just stay as frequent as currently...

Anthony: If this can make Alex happy, then I am willing to stay like this.

60. How will you "make out"?

Alex: 😶😶😶

Anthony: This is private, okay?

SakuraBlossom: I will be even curious~

Alex: It is the most normal way!!!

SakuraBlossom: I won't believe~

Alex: It's real! (////)

To be continued...

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