61. Where are your sensitive parts?

Alex: I'm not really sure...๐Ÿ˜•

Anthony: Is it my ear? Or my waist? I'm not sure too...

62. Where are his/her sensitive parts?

Anthony: Her ear and her neck!

Alex: His neck and the behind of his ear.

SakuraBlossom: Hehehehe~ Anything else?

Anthony: She is not really good at positioning herself...

Alex: It is too difficult for me~

63. Use a word to describe him/her when you are "making out".

Anthony: A cute and innocent bunny~

Alex: A hot and sexy beast...

64. To be honest, do you like or dislike "making out"?

Alex: I'm okay...

Anthony: I like it (////)

Andrew: Wow! Big brother, you really like "it"?!

And then Andrew gets beaten up by Anthony...

Andrew: ๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค•

65. When will you "make out" in normal situations?

Anthony: When she seduces me...

Alex: No! I'm just in a relaxing pose at home!

SakuraBlossom: I'm a bit curious tho... (what kind of pose?)

66. What situation you wish to try when "making out"?

Alex/Anthony: ?

SakuraBlossom: Place, time, costume, etc...

Anthony: In Andrew's medical room, in the morning, her nurse dress~

Alex: (0/////0)

67. Will you shower before and after "making out"?

Anthony: Yup. Hygiene is the most important thing in life.

Alex: But sometimes you will directly...

SakuraBlossom: Because Anthony can't wait to "do that"~~

68. Have you "made out" with somebody other than him/her?

Anthony: Nope.

Alex: Of course not! I won't let any other man to touch me unless it's Anthony!

69. Do you agree with this statement?: Even though you can't win his/her heart, you have to get his/her body.

Alex/Anthony: Disagree.

70. What is the sexiest pose you've ever tried when doing "that"?

Anthony: Positioning myself between her...

Alex: (////)

To be continued...

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