71. She has been raped! How will you do?

Anthony: I'll kill the rapist!!!

Alex: Kick him in the balls!

72. When will you feel embarrassed when "making out"? Before or after?

Anthony: Both...

Alex: After... I get embarrassed everytime after doing "that"...

73. One of your friends say: "Today I'm lonely, so if you don't mind, can we... 'Do that?'" What will you do?

Anthony: Ignore her! I do not have this kind of immoral friends!

Alex: Teach him a lesson, until he realise!

74. Do you think your skills on bed are good?

Anthony: Very good.

Alex: Kinda?

SakuraBlossom: Are you sure, Alex?

Alex: (////)

75. Do you think his/her skills on bed are good?

Anthony: Not really...

Alex: I think it's good enough! Btw, I'm a nurse! I know how to make you excited!

Anthony: You're still not really good in that.

Alex: 😢😢

Anthony: Practice more with me, then you will get it.

Alex: Anthony... (teary eyes)

76. What do you wish to say when "making out"?

Anthony: Let's do it again~

Alex: Rest for a while~

SakuraBlossom: I think I found something again tho...

77. Which of his/her expression when "making out" is your favorite?

Anthony: When she uses her teary eyes to look at me...

Andrew: Teary eyes? Is she begging you big brother?

Anthony: Of course not!!! (Bangs Andrew on the head)

Andrew: 🤕🤕🤕🤕 (injured again)

78. Do you think it is alright to "make out" with other people other than him/her?

Alex/Anthony: Definitely not!!!

79. Are you interested in SM?

Alex: SM? What is that?

Anthony: Not interested. Next question!

80. He/She does not want your body anymore. How will you do?

Anthony: ... ...

Alex: What should I do?

To be continued...

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