81. How do you think about rape?

Alex/Anthony: Against the law.

82. What is the most suffering part when doing "that"?

Anthony: Incooperation...

Alex: That feeling... is just so suffering...

83. Where is the most exciting place you've tried to do "that"?

Anthony: The living room.

Alex: He doesn't want to pull the curtains!

Anthony: I don't have time to do that~

Alex: ...

84. Does the passive one (Alex) requires to be the dominating one before?

Alex: Nope, Anthony is too dominating...

85. What is the reaction of the dominating one (Anthony)?

Anthony: Continue to dominate.

Alex: (////)

86. Does the dominating one ever raped her?

Anthony: That is immoral.

Alex: But sometimes you will directly...

Anthony: ...

87. What is the passive one's reaction?

Alex: Obey him...

88. Do you have any requirements for your current partner?

Anthony: Nope.

Alex: Anthony! He is so perfect!

89. Does he/she suits your requirements?

Alex/Anthony: Yup.

90. Will you use props when doing "that"?

Alex: ?

SakuraBlossom: Such as whip, handcuffs, and so on~

Anthony: Okay~

Alex: Anthony???

To be continued...

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