Name: Hannah

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Occupation: Student

Family: Anthony (father), Alex (mother), Andrew (uncle), Mrs. Wang (grandmother), Alan (uncle), Mrs. Lawson (grandmother)

Likes: Reading, studying, helping her mother

Dislikes: Her family in trouble


Name: Vincent

Gender: Male

Astrological Sign: Aries

Occupation: Student

Family: Corey (father), Emilia (mother), Mrs. Shun (grandmother), Mr. Ouyang (grandfather), Mrs. Ouyang (grandmother)

Likes: Sports, relaxing, Hannah (possibly)

Dislikes: Rainy days


Name: Abigail

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: Student

Family: Charles (father), Mia (mother), Mrs. Zhang (grandmother), Sera (aunt), Rose (grandmother), Mia's twin siblings (cousins)

Likes: Singing, drawing

Dislikes: Her friends arguing


Name: Lina

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Occupation: Student

Family: Mikael (father), Joni (mother), Julian (uncle), Mr. Liu (grandfather), Mrs. Liu (grandmother)

Likes: Sleeping, playing

Dislikes: Betrayals, lies, liars


Name: Janet

Gender: Female

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Occupation: Student

Family: Richard (father), Sofia (mother)

Likes: Shopping, trends, flowers

Dislikes: Anyone being better than her

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