"It hurts." Alex said softly as she touched the fresh wound on her knee. She tripped herself on a big rock and fell down while she was strolling in the park. She tried to stand up but it was useless. The wound on her knee is so big that it hurts badly.

"Alex!" She heard a familiar voice calling out loudly to her. That voice belonged to Anthony, her boyfriend. He came closer and kneeled down in front of her. "Alex are you alright?" Anthony asked.

Alex just shooked her head without saying a word. Anthony noticed there was blood still flowing on Alex's wound. "Alex, I must bring you to Shun Clinic now!" "Does it look like I have a medical emergency now?"

"If you don't want to go to Shun Clinic, then I have no choice." Anthony carried Alex in a bridal style as she refused to go to the clinic. "I'll take you back home. My house is still far, just wait for a minute."

Alex turned to her side and saw Anthony's handsome side view. Did he really run to see me? She thought to herself. Anthony saw Alex looking at him, making Alex blushed deeply like a ripe tomato.

As Anthony carried Alex back to his house, Alex was surprised to see Andrew watching anime on his laptop in the living room. "What happened to Alex bro?" Andrew asked. "Alex, are you okay?" "She is fine. She only has a wound on her knee. Andrew, where is the first aid kit? Can you bring it to me?"

"Here is it. I'd better prepare for my Japanese class later. See you." As Andrew left, Anthony laid Alex on the couch gently. He searched through the first aid kit and took out some bandages, band-aids and medicine. He applied some medicine on Alex's wound and he wrapped some bandages around her wound. Alex can feel her wound hurting a lot but looking at Anthony's face makes the pain go away.

"Anthony..." Alex said. "Don't talk yet, I'm not done yet..." Anthony said as he rolled up the last piece of bandage. "You can talk now, what is it?"

"Anthony..." "Yes?" "I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!!!" Alex screamed loudly. Anthony made a shocked face but it was replaced by a warm smile immediately.

"Anthony, I..." Alex was cut in the sentence when Anthony leaned forward to give her a passionate kiss. "愛してる (aishiteru/I love you) too Alex." Anthony pulled Alex closer to him and whispered inside her ear.

(Outside the house)

"Awwwwww... That is so sweet." Andrew said.

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