After Anthony and Alex became friends, Alex will always invite Anthony to have lunch with her and Candy JEM.

One day when Anthony was having classes, he thought of Alex's cute smile. That was strange: the strictest student of Sacred Hearts Primary School was having a crush on a girl? That's impossible! He couldn't stop thinking of Alex until his teacher called him to answer the questions on the whiteboard.

During recess, Anthony went to have lunch with Alex and Candy JEM as usual. After finishing lunch...

"Alex, we'll be going back to class first! See you later!" Joni said while waving to Alex.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Mia asked.

"I'm sure. Anthony will be with me." Alex said.

"Okay, see you later."

After Candy JEM had left, the only people in the school compound was both Alex and Anthony.

This is it. Anthony thought to himself. This is the perfect chance to confess my feelings towards her. Anthony felt his heart beating faster,his palms were sweating and his face faded to a crimson red.

"Alex... I... I..." Anthony stuttered unsteadily. Not until he thought to himself: What do you think you're doing, Anthony! Just confess to her!

"Anthony, are you okay? Your face is so red. Are you having a fever?" Alex asked while placing her hand on Anthony's forehead.

"No, I'm alright. Alex... I... really like you." Anthony said while the blush on his face became redder.


After moments of silence...

"Anthony... I like you too..." This time, Alex's face becomes a light red.

"Really? Yes!" Anthony cheered inside his heart but he remained calm and composed as usual.

That night, Anthony was so happy that he could not sleep. Even Andrew was puzzled: Why my dear brother is acting so weird lately?

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