Warning: There are lemon contents in this chapter, read at your own risk! Please prepare some tissues in case you get a massive nosebleed!

After the wedding dinner, Anthony drove Alex to a huge bungalow. "Alex, this will be our home starting for today." Anthony opened the door of the house to reveal a spacious living room, "Isn't it nice?" "Yes! I love it!"

"Well then, let's go to our room." They headed up the stairs and Anthony opened the door of one of the rooms. Their room was very large and spacious and there was a large bed between the room. Alex walked to the window and opened the curtains to look at the view.

"Alex, how's our new home?" Anthony asked while leaning his face close to Alex.

"I love it!"

"Do you know Alex, it is always my dream to stay by your side like this..."

"Me too..."

"Please stay with me, Alex..." Anthony said while kissing Alex on her cheek.

"Anthony, what are you..." Alex was cut off when Anthony pressed his hot tongue into her mouth. He nibbled on her lower lip and received a soft moan from her. Liking the sound, he started to lick her bruised lower lip. Alex parted her lips but moaned again while Anthony darted his tongue into her mouth.

xxxxxxx The nosebleeding part starts here!!! xxxxxxx

Anthony started to unbutton his shirt to reveal his strong build. He proceeded to take off Alex's dress. Alex squeaked after realizing that there were nothing else under her dress and she tried to cover herself quickly. She's so sweet, so innocent... Anthony thought to himself.

Anthony started licking all over Alex, "Anthony!!!" Alex moaned while Anthony touched one of her parts. "Looks like I found your weak spot." Anthony chirped playfully. He continued to run his hand all over Alex, "Aaah!!! Anthony!!!" Alex moaned even louder.

"I'm not done yet." Anthony whispered slyly into Alex's ear. He sat up and spread her legs apart as he positioned himself between her. He looked at Alex's face: her eyes were shut tight, her face flushing red and covered with sweat. Alex looked up at him, "Anthony, you..."

Anthony leaned down to kiss Alex as he slowly entered her. As he ripped through her barrier, Alex cried out in pain as tears rolled down her cheeks. Anthony wiped away her tears, "It's going to be okay..." Anthony whispered softly and bit on his lower lip as Alex's finger nails dug deeper on his back.

"Alex, shall we start now?" Anthony asked with a playful smile. Alex nodded her head, telling him to begin. He smirked and thrusting in her. She let out a moan, urging him to go faster. He picked up his pace, losing his control. They both cried out as the orgasms came. Alex gave way and collapsed. Anthony kept thrusting, but eventually found Alex exhausted. He stopped and pulled her up while lying down beside her.

"Alex, I love you forever..." Anthony said as he gave Alex a sweet kiss.

"I love you too..." Alex smiled wearily at him.

After they had a bath, Anthony placed his hands around Alex's waist as sleep overtook them.

P.S from me: Anthony you're such a pervert! But never mind, men will become beasts when it comes to "those" needs. Hope you readers don't get a massive nosebleed

Final warning: Read at your own risk! Contains mature and lemon content! (Inserting perverted smile)

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