As Anthony drove Alex back home, Alex felt really tired and she collapsed onto the car seat she was seating on. When they reached home, Anthony carried Alex up to their room and laid her gently on their bed. "Alex, get well soon." Anthony spoke softly while kissing her forehead.

It was almost at night when Alex woke up. As she woke up, she saw a familiar figure at her bedside. "Alex, you're awake. How are you feeling now?" Anthony asked while taking her temperature with the thermometer again. "Your temperature has dropped to 38.4 degree Celsius! That's good! Now it's time for you to take your medicines."

"I've prepared some porridge for you at the dining room. You have to eat some even though you have a poor appetite." Alex obeyed his orders. She finished the porridge Anthony prepared for her but when it comes to taking medicines, her expression became bitter. "Anthony, can I not take the medicines? They're so bitter..." "No, you must. You won't recover if you do not take them." Anthony said with a stern look on his face. "But I'm scared of medicines..."

"Alright, if you take the medicines, you'll receive a surprise from me." Anthony said with a smile on his face. "What surprise?" "You'll know after taking the medicines." After Alex took the full dose of medicines Andrew had prescribed for her, "Now's the surprise." Anthony planted a kiss on Alex's lips. "Is this the surprise you mentioned earlier?" "Yup. Playful and surprising right?" Anthony said playfully while carrying Alex. Alex's face exploded to a shade of dark red when Anthony continued to plant kisses all over her face.

"It's time for bed." Anthony said. Although he was a night person, he chose to sleep with Alex as she was sick today. As he tucked Alex to bed, he grabbed a wet cloth and placed it on Alex's forehead. "Good night Alex. Get well soon." Anthony stared lovingly at Alex's sleeping face before he falls asleep.

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