On the next morning when Alex opened her eyes, she saw Anthony still sleeping beside her. She climbed out of bed quietly and went down to prepare breakfast. While she was preparing, she felt a strong, reliable hand on her shoulder.

"Alex, you must get some rest although you have recovered." Anthony said while grabbing the spatula away from her. "I'll prepare something plain for you. You can go to rest." Anthony was busying cooking in the kitchen while Alex went to the living room and laid down on the sofa.

After having breakfast, Anthony sent Alex to work. When they reached the hospital Alex was working, "Alex, if you feel unwell while you are at work, you must inform Andrew quickly! It's for your own health, so please take it seriously." "I will. Good luck at work!"

After the day Alex had recovered... "Good morning Alex, I... achoo!" Anthony greeted Alex while sneezing. "Anthony, don't tell me it's your turn for getting sick?!" "I think it is, I think I'm burning up now and-" Anthony started to cough violently before he could finish his words. "Oh my God, I cannot stand it anymore, I have to lay down."

"Alex, can you please get me some medicines? They are in the cabinet downstairs." When Alex got the medicines, Anthony wanted to take them immediately. "No! You must not take medicines with an empty stomach. You should eat something first!" Alex advised. "Of course I know that! I'm a pharmacist after all!" Anthony went down to eat something while taking out a fever pad and sticked it on his forehead. "Alex, I'm not going to work today... It's so suffering..." Anthony groaned.

"I'll take care of you then. Now lay down and have some rest." Alex said while she continued to take care of the household chores.

PS from Inner Anthony: Mwahahahahahahah!!!! I want to be sick forever so that Alex can be by my side like this!!! I've earned it!!

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