It was a windy Saturday afternoon when Mia walked out of the convenience store. She felt the cold wind so she walked faster in order to get home to help her mother. When she passed by a shop, she saw a black cat curling itself up in front of the door while there were some girls watching the cat.

Mia was a cat lover but she cannot have a cat at home as her twin siblings were allergic to cat fur. As she continued to walk back home, she felt something tugging lightly onto her pants. It was the cat who was tugging onto the corner of her pants lightly. It meowed softly, seeming to like her.

"He seems to like you." One of the girls said. "When we attempted to touch him, he kept hiding." Mia squatted down and gave the cat some biscuits. The cat ate all of the biscuits. Mia then stroked the cat's head and the cat meowed in enjoyment.

"Sorry, I cannot take you home." The cat seemed to understand her words. It lifted its head to look at her. "Meow..." Mia felt pitiful when the cat meowed at her. As she continued her journey, she was very surprised to find out that the cat was following her. It used its head to rub on Mia's leg.

"I cannot take you home. Please don't follow me." She knew the cat liked her but she really could not take it back home in sake of her siblings' health.

As Mia continued to walk, the cat still followed her. "Hey Mia!" The girl with coral pink hair greeted with a wide smile. "Joni?!" "When do you adopt a cat? It is so cute!" Joni bent down to stroke the cat, but it doesn't seem to like it.

"Joni, can you please help me to take care of him? My siblings are allergic to cat fur so I cannot take it back home." "Wait a second..." Joni thought for a minute and she replied, "Alright, I'll take care of him!"

Joni lifted up the cat and placed it in front of her. The cat stared angrily at her. "Thank you very much Joni." "You're welcome. Then see you again." As Joni turned back, the cat attempted to struggle out from Joni's clutches. "Hey, what are you doing. I am so kind, so how will you appreciate me?" Joni raised one finger and pointed at the cat's nose.

Suddenly, the cat opened its mouth and bit into Joni's finger as hard as possible. "OUCH!!!!! It hurts so much!!!!!!!"

To be continued...

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