The black cat sat quietly beside Mia while scratching its furry head with its back leg. Mia lifted her head and looked at her house and she looked at the cat again.

"Okay, I can bring you inside but you cannot wander around the house." Mia opened her bag and asked it to go inside it. The cat got inside the bag in no time.

Mia get back to her room nervously and locked her room. When she opened her bag, the cat came out of the bag quickly. It wandered around Mia's room, sniffing everything in sight and the floor was full of paw prints in no time.

"You have to take a bath." Mia carried the cat into the bathroom. "Meow... meow..." The cat seems to know what she was planning to do. It started to struggle violently while meowing loudly.

When Mia was bathing the cat, it attempted to escape as cats were afraid of water. Mia placed it in the bathtub and cleaned its paws. As Mia saw the water inside the tub was almost full, she stopped her actions for a while. The cat thought it was over and attempted to leap down the tub but it was caught again by Mia. "You have to take a bath." Mia used one hand to hold the cat while she used another hand to grab the soap.

"Meow!" The cat turned around and flung its tail at Mia. Mia was enlightened by the cat's actions and she held the cat even more tightly. The cat started to struggle and meowed louder.

Mia held the cat and placed it into the bathtub. She grabbed the soap and rubbed it. Then she cleaned the cat's body carefully. As she was about to clean the cat's back, she wanted the cat to turn to her but it kept turning back.

"Are you blushing? So you are a boy!" Mia continued to clean the cat. She was so surprised that the cat behaves exactly like a human. The cat hid its sharp nails and placed its paws on Mia's chest.

"What should I name you? How about Cero? It's the nickname of my boyfriend. Is it good, Cero?" "Meow..." The cat shooked its head, making the bubbles fly around the bathroom. "Okay, I'm done." Mia opened the shower and washed away the soap on Cero's body. When she was washing, she saw some dark red liquid flowing down.

"Eh?! Cero, why are you nosebleeding?!!"

To be continued...

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