Since the day Mia secretly took Cero home, she had to bring the leftover food secretly to her room. As Cero was always in her room, she felt relieved as nobody noticed him.

On a sunny morning, Mia and her friends were sitting in the cafe having breakfast. "Mia, you say you wanted to ask us about Charles?" Emilia asked curiously. "Charles? He went to the nearest hypermarket to get a part-time job but I haven't seen him since then." Richard said while sipping his orange juice. As Mia heard Richard's words, she felt very worried about Charles. "Maybe he went home early but when we went to his house, Sera said he wasn't there!" Joni said.

"He will certainly come back." Joni comforted Mia. "I hope so..." Mia said while drinking her coffee. "Mia, I heard that you have adopted a cat recently?" Sofia asked. "Oh, I almost forgot." Mia took out a basket under the table. As she opened the basket, Cero leaped out of the basket immediately.

"Awwwww... He is so cute!" Alex was the first one who seemed to like Cero. She wanted to hold him but he kept hiding away. "Sorry Alex, he seems to be very afraid of others." In a few seconds, Richard lifted up Cero and stared into his blood-red eyes. "No Richard! Don't do it!" Mia remembered the scene where Joni gets bitten in the finger by Cero. "I am just being friendly with him! Is there a problem?" Richard closed his eyes and pulled Cero closer to him. "No! Please don't!" Mia warned Richard but he did not listen. He continued to pull Cero closer to his face. At that moment, Cero got angry and scratched Richard's face as hard as possible.

"RICHARD!!!! Hang in there!!!!!"

To be continued...

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