As a result of Cero's scratches, Richard was rushed to the hospital by Mia and her friends. When they reached the hospital, he was examined carefully and the doctor had to give him an injection to prevent possible infections. As Richard was receiving the injection, Sofia and her friends restrained him to prevent him from moving.

It was already nighttime when Mia went home. The voice of Richard screaming while receiving the injection was still ringing beside her ears. She looked at Cero, who was sleeping beside her, she scolded him, "You cannot be so fierce to my friends, Cero. They are just playing with you." "Meow..." Cero licked Mia's finger and leapt onto her bed. He used his mouth to open the bedsheets and meowed for a second time.

"Meow..." Mia knew that Cero wanted her to sleep early judging by his behavior. As it was already 11.00 p.m., Mia switched off the lights and climbed up to her bed. She held Cero tightly in her arms and she felt sleepy in no time.

"Cero, I wonder when will I see Charles again?" Mia whispered softly to Cero before falling asleep. After Mia falls asleep, she did not notice that Cero came out of the bed and used his mouth to pull the bedsheets on her before he slept.

On the next morning, the warm sunlight entered the bedroom through the windows. Mia slowly awakened but she curled herself up because she felt very cold. She noticed that there was a source of heat in front of her. Is it Cero? Why are Cero's paws so long? She felt like there was someone holding her in his arms and she felt comfortable and warm.

Wait, what? Mia opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the body of a person. No, to be more specific, it was a man's body!

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" As Emilia and Joni, who were visiting Mia's house, heard her scream coming from upstairs, they bursted into the room and they saw this scene: Mia was sitting on her bed, using the blankets to cover herself up. While for Charles, he was standing beside the bed, the only remaining piece of clothing on him were his pants.

"Joni! Emilia! It's not like what you two imagined! I can explain!" But it was too late, Joni and Emilia had taken out their weapons. "What have you done to our friend, Chuuni?!"

To be continued...

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