That night, there was an emergency meeting between Mia, Joni, Charles and Emilia. Although Emilia had restrained Joni when they saw the scene, but Joni still punched Charles in the face.

Mia stood nervously beside Joni, as she was afraid that she might be taught a lesson by Joni. After hearing Charles' explanations, Joni could not bear with her anger and destroyed the discussion table and almost hurting Charles in the process. Emilia and Mia held her to prevent her from rampaging even more violently.

Charles looked at Emilia while Emilia drank her cup of tea calmly. Mia felt relieved as Emilia was as calm as usual. "What do you mean that you are injected with medicine and became a cat?! And you hid in Mia's room?!" "Yes Joni, I..." Emilia flew her cup towards Charles but he avoided it swiftly. "You dare to avoid it!? We won't believe you! Injected with medicine and turned into a cat, who will believe your stupid lies?! You purposely did it!!!" Later Joni and Emilia destroyed the only table in Mia's room.

"Hey, have you heard the news? Charles sneaked into Mia's room and stayed with her!" "What?! Is it true?! I can't believe Charles is that kind of person!" "It is true! Don't you see Mia's mom buying a new table at the furniture shop nearby?"

When Charles heard the gossiping of his friends, he felt very embarrassed. The only thing he wanted to do now was finding out the culprit who injected the transformation medicine inside him and beat him up. Is it possible for this medicine to transform humans into animals?! I felt very tired before I noticed that I was already in a cat's body! As I am awake this morning, I am back to my old self! What the heck is happening? Charles was puzzled as he left Mia's house.

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